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May 11 - 19, 2024

Our Celebrate English Textile retreat lodging is quintestionally English!

We will stay at The Petersham Hotel in Richmond. This pretty section of the London "country" is on the Thames River and just eight miles from the center of London. 

The Petersham Hotel

All photos are from The Petersham Hotel

The Petersham stands between what remains of Richmond Hill’s Common and Petersham Common. These were originally contiguous and grazing animals would stray across the manor boundaries. So in 1639, a strip of land on the Richmond side of the boundary was granted to one Francis Barnard on condition that he made and maintained ‘a sufficient fence… with a gate and stile’ between the two commons.


In 1863, the Richmond Hill Hotel Company employed John Giles as the architect for a new

hotel building. Finished in 1865, the Richmond Hill Hotel with its tower, high pitched roofs

and many balconies was an imposing structure. Its architectural style was described as “florid Italian Gothic.” 

The hotel looks out across Petersham Meadows to the bend in the Thames River.

The meadows are protected from development by an Act of Parliament passed in 1902, and renewed 100 years later, to safeguard the famous view from Richmond Hill. 

Most notable in the interior is the magnificent Portland stone staircase, reported to be the tallest unsupported stone staircase in England. The paintings on the ceiling were done by Italian painter Ferdinando Galli, who depicted renaissance artists Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian and Carracci.

I’m sure we will receive a warm welcome from Lizzie Hulme who has been instrumental in preparing our Celebrate English Textiles retreat! Lizzie, the owner of Chateau Dumas and The Textile Retreat Company, is from England.

And just like France, she will make our stay in England magical.

Sew & Sew Retreats brings together people with a similar interest and then offers the opportunity to spend memorable moments creating, learning, exploring, relaxing and laughing with like-minded people. I hope you will join us!


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