Bits & Pieces & Sari Scarf Workshop

Bits & Pieces & Sari Scarf Workshop

September 10, 2016 2:30 to 4:30 PM

Bits & Pieces & Sari Scarf
Create your own one-of-a-kind Bits and Pieces and Sari Ribbon Scarf. Each participant will create a unique scarf that will make a beautiful fashion statement.

Sari Ribbon
The sari, also spelled as saree, is a traditional garment worn across India, with variations between regions. The design and manufacturing process of the silk sari have been perfected over thousands of years, and continue to evolve. Today the sari is often produced in bulk in factories, with much of the offcut silk going to waste.

The sari ribbon is then created by a group of many women sitting together hemming discarded offcut silk and old saris together with a running stitch. Creating a ribbon that is considered trend-setting and eco-responsible in the global textile and fashion world.

We will use sari ribbon, yarn, pieces of batik fabric and other ribbon and create a beautiful scarf. The finished piece – a delicate tangle of bits and pieces and sari!

Two Hours

Materials to Bring

 Scissors
 Pins – you’ll need a full box
 Plastic bag

NOTE: No sewing machine needs to be brought with you.
But, you will need access to a sewing machine to finish.

I Will Provide Per Participant:
 Stabilizer
 Sari Ribbon
 Other Ribbons in coordinating colors
 Yarns in coordinating colors and various textures
 Batik fabric in coordinating color

Cost per Participant
 $55.00 – Total for Class and Supplies!

In the workshop, we will:
1. Layout the scarf so it is ready to sew
2. Pin, pin, pin.
3. You’ll then place it in your bag to finish at home
4. I will demo the next two steps so, voilà, you will have a beautiful scarf!
  • Details

    Held at Bloom Creative Ground
    5205 W. North Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI 53208