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 Sew & Sew Retreats in Paris, France

September 17 - 29, 2024

to Celebrate French Textiles!

C'est la vie! 

Paris pics.jpg

A Few Spots Open

Sew & Sew Retreats are purposeful getaways that are aimed at rescuing you from your everyday routine and whisking you off to an exceptional location to bask in the happiness you find in creating with textiles.

It's like a modern quilting bee, but sew much more.

It's stitching for the love of it. It's making and learning something new with expert teachers. 


It's laughing, chatting, making connections,

being creative, being you. It's a lovely time with friends - maybe old and also new.


It's creative, it's inspiring, it's relaxing, it's adventurous. It's taking in the culture of a global destination and learning about their textiles - modern and historical.


It's just the Retreat for you!

Check out Sew & Sew Retreats!

 September 17 - 29, 2024

Registration is Open!


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Sew and Sew Retreats

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