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Sew and Sew Retreats was brought to life by a few friends

who loved to be creative and valued the opportunity to be creative together. The friends thought others might value the opportunity to be creative and learn together too, as well as enjoy a getaway - a sewing retreat with creative textile projects, where one can laugh, relax, create and sew.   


It was Linda, experienced in embroidery, sewing, beading, art quilts

and 'sew' much more, who got things started. She also has experience in

teaching textile workshops, planning large events and traveling abroad.

Linda Sweek
Founder, Host, Teacher,
Embroider & Textile Artist

Loves... Creating & embroidering, 
paris, france, 
dining with family & friends, 
the Ballet, decorating,
Cream of mushroom soup, 
& the ocean 

Rebecca Devaney
Embroider &
Workshop Teacher

Loves - Textiles, Fashion, Embroidery, Art & Craft, Travel, Storytelling, Paris, Food, & the Sea. 

Heidi Parkes headshot, square, Lake Michigan.jpg

Heidi Parkes
Quilter &
Workshop Teacher

Loves - Quilting & Mending, Modern Dance, Fancy Cocktails, The Oxford Comma, Santa Fe, Sfogliatelles, & Lake Michigan.


Takako Willden
Quilter &
Japanese Expert

Loves - Indigo blue, 

Japanese boro, Hand sewing, 

Vegetables - eating and growing,

Yoga, Meditation, Travel, &

Cooking for family and friends

Lizzie Hulme
Owner of Chateau Dumas,
curates textile-themed tours in Britain & has a lifelong obsession with textiles


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