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Busy, Busy, Busy

You know how sometimes it all piles up and you have to get it all done ASAP? Well, that’s what happened to me last few weeks, and this coming week will be the same.

Open House

It started last weekend with an Open House at Bloom Gallery and Creative Ground. I’ll be teaching several workshops there over the next six months. So, I set up a table to demo how to make a fabric bowl and talk about the upcoming workshops. I also made several new tea towels for the event. Lots of people stopped – great energy, great creative space.

Art Gallery – Finish and Delivery

As soon as the Open House was over, I went straight to work on finishing a textile mixed media piece I had been creating, A Cherished Time. I painted leaves on fabric, embroidered them, embroidered rice paper, added some fun stitching, and created fabric beads. Then it was off to delivering this piece and Japanese Cherry Blossoms, ink and thread medium, for a new art exhibit that opens next week.

Christmas Fabric Bowls

In some of the quieter moment’s in-between creating the mixed media piece, I’ve been making some new coiled fabric bowls. These are for an order – a shop wants some bowls for the Christmas shopping season. The bowls need to be delivered mid-October.

Sew Messy & Felted Ornaments

I have been busy making samples I still needed for all the upcoming workshops. I created this new Sweet Sunflower wall-hanging and Big Flowers, Small Vase tea towel for the Sew Messy workshop. I also made felt ornaments for the Mom & Me Delightful Felted Ornaments workshop. There is a class just for adults too. Isn’t the Ugly Sweater fun?


Today, I worked on monoprinting on paper. I am going to be on a local Milwaukee TV Program, Fox6’s Real Milwaukee on Wednesday, October 7, and will be showing the reporter how to make a print. Since the segment is two to three minutes, I wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly, so a little practice was in order and fun.

Proposal for Embroidery Guild of America

Plus, I’ve been busy embroidering a printed linen fabric for the upcoming Tactile Textile workshop. The Embroidery Guild of America has asked me to submit a proposal for a symposium in 2017 – Sweet Stitch Chicago. I’m going to submit this project for the symposium. By the way, of all the textile projects, embroidery is my first love.


In addition, I’m going to have some fun this week. First, I’m going to a see a production of Dream Girls at the Milwaukee Reparatory Theater. Later in the week, I’ll be attending an art exhibit opening reception at Alverno. My sister is flying in from Philadelphia and we will go see the pieces I have on exhibit at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilt and Fiber Arts followed by a family gathering to watch some football.

And then… a NAP!

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