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The Magic of France

Ah, France. If you take a moment at dusk to observe the color of the sky and how it illuminates the landscape, soon you’ll see a haze with what looks like magic particles floating all around you. Breath in the magic air and you’ll be in love with France for life.


These magical moments happened nightly at Chateau Dumas, where we began the Celebrate French Textiles retreat in September. We gathered for dinner on the terrace or in the courtyard when the sun was still bright. As we enjoyed the leisurely three-course meal, the sun would set and transform the valley below the terrace. I was taken in by the beauty – the beauty of the food, the beauty of the conversation, the beauty of the sunset, the beauty of the wine and the beauty of the night. The chateau itself is beautiful and quaint and decorated perfectly. Pure magic.

I think the most essential requirement for the French is that everything in life be beautiful. France is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The beauty is found in the striking countryside, the mountains, enchanting towns and picturesque villages – many with fairy-tale castles, gorgeous food and markets filled with treasures. Plus a relaxed way of life so you have time to enjoy the beauty.

And then there is Paris! Everywhere I looked it was pleasing to the eye. There are endless charming shops and cafés, spectacular architecture, majestic gardens, fountains and world-famous landmarks. Even a bucket of flowers surprised me in a sweet placement in a church. No matter the time of day, you will encounter magical moments in Paris such as seeing the Eiffel Tower when it lights up like a beacon.

Paris is next-level beautiful. As observed from the food, fashion, the River Seine and the lovely bridges arched over it, grand marble staircases, gilded chandeliers, romantic couples and the beautiful French language. The beauty is why past artists and present artists work and sell their art in Montmarte’s historic Place du Tertre market.

And what we went to France for – the “textiles,” were so special. Wherever we went, be it a flea market hunting for vintage textile linens, haberdasheries with draw-dropping silk threads, ribbons, trims, fabric and embellishments, or museums tracing the history of beautiful finery made in France, we were like kids in a candy shop!

There is a certain way the French live. It is known as joie de vivre, meaning the “joy of living.” Everything of beauty contributes to that joy. If you go to France, remember to embrace the joie de vivre and find the joy in this beautiful and magical place! If you join me on a Celebrate French Textiles trip, you will experience the magic of France everyday.


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