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Isn't it Grand!

My grandmother was an artist and an interior decorator. She took me to art museums and galleries to discuss art, especially Impressionism. I was allowed into her studio to watch her paint a canvas or work with clay. Once, she had me create clay stamps for her to use when making pottery. I designed a swirl, a flower and a geometric design. A year later she told me that they were among her favorites and used them often. I was thrilled my stamps were good enough for her artistic standards!

In my last year of college, I wrote a three chapter short story about my educational journey from first grade to college. Each chapter went from a specific occurrence to how that moment tied to my grandmother and her art influence on me. This was not my intent when I started to write any of the chapters, but it was the natural parallel to the educational experience I focused on. I was really struck by the influence she had on me.

My own passion is fiber art with my paint and brush being needle and thread. Because of this early art influence, I saw my creations from the eyes of an artist, not a crafter.

Now I’m a grandmother with four incredible grandchildren! I want to be that same art influencer that my grandmother was to me. I take my grandchildren to art museums and have them participate in art programs. When they come to visit me, I often have an art project for us to work on. Or they bring me an art project they made as a gift. They are so friggin’ excited for me to see what they made it puts a warm smile on my heart.

I have expanded my influence to include performing arts – plays, the symphony, ballet, even a trip to NYC to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.

I don’t know if any of my grandchildren will become artists, but I’m hopeful that my art influence will make them lifelong lovers of art. I hope they appreciate art as much as I do and that someday they influence their own grandchildren to the wonders of art!


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