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It's a Green Thing

Green. I used to think green was boring and truly didn’t think of it at all. Unless it was Christmas time or gardening, I just dismissed green from all aspects of my life. Then one of my sons painted his bedroom Sherwin Williams Olivetone. That room eventually became my sewing room and I left the walls green. I was amazed at the wonderful energy I felt by this shade of green and shocked at how much I loved being surrounded by green! Soon after I created a textile project in green. That was followed by another green project and, yup, a few more. A friend even mentioned, “Oh, you’re using that green again!”

So in honor of my Irish roots and Spring right-around-the-corner, below are a few photos from green textile projects: Life on the Forest Floor; Circles, Dots & Spots; If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a Garden; Earth in Bloom; and Trillium.

Green – who knew it was such an awesome color!


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