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Nostalgic Halloween Costumes

Seems like most people find Halloween an irresistible event. For me, I just love this time of year with its hay rides, caramel apples, pumpkins, falling leaves and football games.

My greatest sentiment is for the children who love to dress up in costumes and trick or treat. That sentiment is reflected in the many costumes Roxanne and I have created for our own children over the years. Having sewn or made all our children’s costumes from ghoulish to sweet, here are a few photos we found.

There are so many more we couldn't find photos of; like the bear, and the bee, and the sailor, and the clown. We'd LOVE to see photos of your homemade costumes! Send a photo in the comments section and I'll share them on the Sew and Sew Retreats Pinterest board.

I couldn't resist adding a few more photos from a pumpkin carving moment.

Happy Trick or Treating!!

P.S. Don't forget to send your own photos!!

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